Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picasa 3.0: Download Web Albums in Firefox or Opera

Earlier I explained how to download picasa web albums using firefox and Opera in the post

To do so, just view the source of the page. Do a right click + View Page Source in case of Firefox of press CTRL + F3 in case of opera. Now in the HTML source search for the string picasa://.

Now you will get a statment which looks like:


This is the download url based on the picasa:// protocol. Now how do you use it to download the album. Simple, just open the command window type in:

> c:\Program Files\Picasa2\Picasa2.exe _url_

The _url_ is the picasa:// url which we got above. When you do so, you will picasa launching itself and loading the web album and asking you whether you want to download it or not. Do it and you have the album at your desktop and the work is done :)

But Now Picasa 3.0 (the new look) has changed the page layout and so has the way to get the _url_. Now to get the correct _url_ : you still need to go the page source. In there:
  1. Search for text : _album.picasa =
  2. Copy the text after the equal to sign to notepad.
  3. Find and Replace '\x2F' by '/' (without the single quotes). The initial part of the text would look like
    This needs to be replaced by

  4. That done, we revert back to the original steps and type in: "c:\Program Files\Picasa2\Picasa2.exe" _url_ at the command prompt and all works as usual.


Matthias said...

hum .. I know it's a little late, but firefox won't download the album because picasa hasn't registerd correctly with firefox as an external handler for picasa:// protocol.

to make it wort, in a new tab of firefox go to
> about:config
accept the warning and search for
> network.protocol-handler.external.picasa

if it doesn't exist create a new bolean value(right click), with the value "true".
it actually tell firefox to open all link beginnig with picasa:// to open with an external program. Now we have to tell firefox with which program to open

to do this, we change/create a string key

with the value
> "C:\Program Files\Google\picassa3\Picassa3.exe" for windows
> "/opt/picassa3" for *nix ... but i think you can find by yourself
you can also easyli change it in the firefox preferences under Application once the key:value pair has been created.

Sandeep Kumar said...

That should also work