Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Recently a mail was sent to our alumni group wherein one of us was ranting about the group being kept alive only to send picnic and meeting requests and no one cares about his startup and hence entrepreneurship. He wanted/expected the alumni to join and promote his site.

Hmm. too much expectations from us. Marketing is the entrepreneur's job and not the alumni. If his startup aka site sucked so what can we do?

Some one replied voicing similar feelings and also suggested that its not that he is the sole entrepreneur among us but their are more and some of them have tasted success too.

I found a real good one called Bogex which has come up with a nice solution called Bogex SMS zipper. Its a nice mashup of google sugggest (AJAX) suggesting txting language (used is sms's) and as usual a free sms facility and its fast. The sms came in a second much faster that yahoo or other services which takes minutes if not hours.

Try it out .. its good .. http://8r1.syminet.com/zipper/

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